Makeup Brushes

What's the most important thing in my makeup kit? My brushes. You can't create a perfect look without the proper tools! If you're applying makeup everyday whether on yourself or other people, you really want to invest in some proper brushes. Here are some of my must haves:

-Foundation Brush
I prefer to apply foundation with a brush as opposed to using fingers, it creates a smoother, more even finish. Two of my favorites are from glo professional.

-Concealer Brushes
To get that perfect under eye coverage I use the dual foundation brush from glo professional. I dot on the product with the small end, then blend it out with the larger side.…

For blemishes I like to use a small, fine point brush so I'm not applying too much product and I can accurately cover the area needed.

-Blush Brushes
I cringe every time I see those tiny rectangle shaped brushes that come with some blushes. Please throw those away! Using a larger, domed brush will give you soft, buildable color.

- Eyebrow Brush
I prefer to use a brow powder to fill in the brows as opposed to a pencil or gel. I think it creates a softer, more natural look. To apply it I use a small, angled brush like these.…/ey…/angled-eyebrow-brush-270…

- Eyeshadow Brushes
There are several brushes I use for the eyes depending on the type of look I'm doing. The only thing worse than those little blush brushes I mentioned earlier are those horrible tiny, sponge applicators that come with eye shadows. You can't create a perfectly blended look with those it's impossible. Toss them in the trash!
An eye shadow base brush is a must have. When applying an all over color, or your main shade used on the lid this is the brush you'll use.

I use a medium sized angled brush to work in the crease.

I use a larger shadow brush for blending.…/eye…/blender-brush-large-242…

- Eyeliner Brushes
After I've applied eyeliner I use an angled brush to smooth the line and/or a smudge brush to blend it out.…/e…/angled-eyeliner-brush-262……

There are definitely others I could add to the list, but having these basic brushes will get you through a daily application.